Sports Medicine

We are dedicated to providing the most advanced techniques and knowledge to restore health, happiness and the pursuit of sports.

Regular sports helps to keep you physically fit, strengthens your spiritual wellbeing and boosts your intellectual performance.
Lack of physical activity is considered to be responsible for numerous diseases of modern civilisation such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesety.
We offer special expertise in all athletic injuries and conditions, we help to prevent musculosceletal injuries.
In sports medicine our criteria for using drugs and steroids are even stricter, we prefer modern and scientifically based treatments like shock wave (ESWT) and naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Döbber ist treating athletes of all levels since her first residency in Orthopaedics in 1995 at the Hellersen Sportsclinic.

Dr. Döbber ist die Mannschaftsärztin der HSV-Eishockey-Mannschaft.