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We are commited to offering patients the very best in orthopaedic care. Our mission ist to improve the patient´s quality of life using safe, reliable and least intrusive methods possible. You may be experiencing painful symptoms, discomfort or loss of function in the joints or spine. Our aim is to provide full care for all orthopaedic joint and back problems. In order to avoid surgery whenever possible we make an accurate diagnosis and provide the patient with the full range of conservative measures such as injections, chiropractice, acupuncture, physical therapy thechniques and many more. Most advanced methods like shock wave therapy are also frequently used. Treatment options are based on latest scientific research. Very often a thorough knowledge oft he condition can help prevent unnecessary surgical procedures. If conservative treatment fails, surgery may be indicated.

Dr. Döbber has been specially trained in kneesurgery and conservative treatment of spinal disorders. Surgical services include primary knee replacement and knee revision. For orthopaedic surgery in other subspecialities like spine, shoulder and hip we refer patients to highly qualified orthopaedic surgeons in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.


Orthopaedic surgeon in Hamburg, orthopaedic conservative treatments and kneesurgery

We are based in two locations, firstly in Hamburg Blankenese, secondly in Uetersen in the marshland near the river Elbe in the Pinneberg district. The orthopaedic private practice in Hamburg is open to patients with coverage by a private health insurance. In Uetersen we are happy to welcome all patients regardless of their insurance status. As this private practice holds a KV-Zulassung we are able to see patients insured by German gesetzliche Krankenkasse like Techniker Krankenkasse or AOK as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if there are questions about the insurance company´s approval.

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